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Why S7 Safety Boots Are Your Feet's New Best Friends

Why S7 Safety Boots Are Your Feet's New Best Friends

When it comes to protective footwear in industrial work environments, S7 safety boots are the gold standard. S7 safety boots provide the highest level of protection and comfort to keep your feet safe on the job. In this comprehensive guide, learn all about S7 safety boots, from what makes them different to how to choose the right pair.


What Does S7 Mean for Safety Boots?

S7 is a safety rating used for protective footwear, indicating the boot has been tested and certified to the EN ISO 20345:2021 standard. This is the highest safety rating for footwear in Europe.

For a boot to achieve S7 safety certification, it must meet all the requirements for lower ratings S1-S5, as well as additional specifications. Here’s what an S7 safety boot offers:

  • S1 - Basic closed heel and anti-static properties
  • S2 - S1 features plus water penetration and absorption resistance
  • S3 - S2 features plus cleated outsole and penetration resistance
  • S4 - S3 features plus energy absorption in the heel area
  • S5 - S4 features plus cleated outsole, metatarsal protection and toe cap
  • S6 - S5 features plus water penetration and absorption for whole foot
  • S7 - S6 features plus energy absorption in heel and metatarsal regions

So in summary, S7 safety boots provide the complete package - maximum protection from impacts, compression hazards, and water, guaranteed comfort even after long wear, and excellent grip for stability.


Top Benefits of Wearing S7 Safety Boots

There are many important benefits that make S7 the top safety rating for industrial footwear:

Ultimate Protection - S7 boots shield your feet from bumps, bruises, and major injuries. The steel toe cap and midsole protects against compression hazards. The anti-penetration midsole stops sharp objects from puncturing the boot. And the stabilising heel absorbs energy on impact.

All-Day Comfort - Even after hours of wear, S7 boots remain comfortable thanks to advanced cushioning, arch support, and moisture-wicking linings. Materials are carefully selected to avoid rubbing and chafing.

Slip Resistance - With deeper tread lugs and superior grip, S7 boots provide the traction you need to stay on your feet on slippery surfaces. The oil-resistant outsoles maintain stability in greasy conditions.

Waterproofing - Feet stay dry even when working in wet environments or outdoors in rain and snow. The high-quality leather and membranes block outside moisture from seeping in.

Lightweight Yet Durable - Modern materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass reduce boot weight for all-day wearability. Yet S7 boots are extremely durable, with some pairs lasting 5+ years with proper care.

Better Posture and Stability - Proper arch and heel support promote good posture and help avoid sprains. The broad profile and defined heel breast lock the foot securely in place.

For tradespeople working in demanding industrial conditions, S7 safety boots provide the confidence to perform the job safely and comfortably.


DeWalt Mentor S7 Steel Toe Safety Boots


How to Choose the Best S7 Safety Boots

With so many S7 safety boots on the market, it can be tricky deciding on the right pair. Follow these tips to select boots tailored to your unique needs:

Consider the Hazards - Your biggest safety threats will guide your choice. Heat and flame risks demand leather boots, while electrical hazards require non-conductive soles. Choose steel or composite toe caps based on the impacts.

Know Your Industry - Boots are specially designed for industries like construction, manufacturing, oil and gas. Consult your safety manager if unsure which category fits best.

Get the Right Fit - Boots should fit snugly without pinching, and allow some wiggle room for thick socks. Take size tests and measurements for each brand since sizing varies.

Try Them On - Wear test the boots on the types of surfaces you work on. Walk, climb, kneel and bend to assess comfort and flexibility. Break-in periods vary.

Consult Reviews - Experienced wearers highlight real-world pros and cons. Look for common praises and complaints to gauge quality and sizing.

Compare Prices - While you shouldn’t compromise protection for price, cheaper deals can be found. Check multiple retailers online for sales and special offers.

Consider Climate - Colder weather demands insulated, waterproof boots. Warm conditions may require lightweight, breathable boots to prevent overheating and sweaty feet.

Finding your perfect S7 safety boots takes research and footwork. But the investment will pay dividends in safety and satisfaction on the job.

Maintaining and Extending the Life of S7 Boots

To get the most value from your S7 safety boot investment, proper care and maintenance is essential:

  • Inspect boots daily for damage, cracks, and punctures. Repair or replace immediately if compromised.
  • Remove insoles to allow boots to fully air and dry out each day. Sprinkle with foot powder or baking soda to kill odors.
  • Clean gently with warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. Avoid harsh detergents that can degrade leather.
  • Apply leather conditioner regularly, especially after cleaning or getting wet. Keep leather flexible and water-resistant.
  • Replace worn laces that could snap and lead totrips or falls. Check eyelets for damage too.
  • Use heel and sole savers to prevent excess wear in high-contact areas. Boots can be resoled for added life.
  • Store properly on shoe trees when not worn to retain shape and support.
  • Replace insoles every 4-6 months or when compressed. Quality insoles enhance comfort.
  • Get annual inspections and recertification. While rare, boot components can degrade over time.

With the proper boot choice and attentive care, S7 safety footwear can protect your feet for years of demanding industrial work. Trust the S7 rating to keep you as surefooted as possible.


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